Essay No. 22: 

Status Of Women In Islam: Women enjoy the right status in Islam. After the advent of Islam people began to value the women. The women also enjoy more rights at present as compared to the past. Islam recognizes the position of the woman to be the same as that of man. It claims that both come from the same essence. That is why they have same status.

The woman is a great gift of God. In a woman, we find three different personalities a mother, a wife and a daughter. The position of the mother is very much exalted in Islamic tradition. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has gone so far as to say, “Paradise lies underneath the feet of your mothers”. As regards the position of woman as a wife, the saying of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is categorical, “The best among you is the one who is best towards his family”.

With regards to the woman as a daughter, the Islamic attitude can be realized from the approaches which the Holy Quran makes against the pagan pre-Islamic behavior at the birth of daughters. Islam did not allow the Arabs to bury their young daughters. They are also the creature of Allah.

The Holy Quran is a complete code of life. The mutual relation of husband and wife is described in the Holy Quran as that of a single soul in two bodies. Islam described the house as a unit in the greater organization of a nation as a whole. It speaks of a husband as being “an administrator and supervisor over the people of the house” and the wife is described as “administrator of the house of her husband and children”.

The home is thus described as a kingdom, where authority is exercised by both the husband and the wife. Both can rule staying with their own limits. No one can snatch them right to others.

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Islam is the religion according to nature. Islam envisages a natural division of work between men and women. While the man is best suited to fight and make his way through the thick and thin of life on account of his stronger physique and other attributes, a woman is entrusted with the onerous task of bringing up the younger generations because of the preponderance of the quality of love and compassion in her.

This functional division of work does not mean that woman has entirely been excluded from other kinds of activities. She can take part in most of activities if she has the opportunity.

In this way, Islam has clearly defined and determined the status of woman in society. According to the teachings of Islam men and women enjoy equal rights in our society but their social responsibilities and duties are different. The woman is the queen of her house. Her main and sacred duties are to look after the domestic affairs, to bring up children with care, to educate the children and to act according to the wishes of her husband.

However, Islam does not prevent the woman from serving in various social institutions. They may work as teachers, doctors, nurses etc. they may also take part in politics. They can do anything which they consider better for them.

Despite it, Islam has laid greater stress on the domestic duties of a woman. Our salvation lies in following the teachings of Islam. Therefore, we must abstain from copying the western culture blindly and must stick to our own Islamic culture as firmly as possible. Ours is the best religion all over the world. As a result, it has great charms for non-Muslims as well. Western women are envious of the status of Muslim women.