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Success Has Many Friends

Essay No. 121:

Success Has Many Friends: The proverb holds true in the life of man. A successful man from the worldly point of view draws on a large number of sycophants and flatterers. They gather around a person who wields great influence and might in society.

They pose themselves as the partial admirer of the successful man. It is the wealth and influence of the man which attracts them to him. They are regarded as time servers and are the friends of the festal hour. Their loyalty is bound to the success of the man.

The successful man when fails on bad days due to adversity, the so-called friends desert him and take to their own way. Their loyalty ends with the end of man’s prosperity. They take to their heels when they find clouds of adversity hovering around their friend.

That is why it is said that the true test of friendship lies rich or poor. If a person stands by his friend in times of difficulties, he comes up to the criterion of friendship. Those who have an axe to grind their purpose, are only loyal to themselves. They are not interested in the welfare of the other party.

A successful political leader has a large following of people. They flock around him because they wish to get their personal problems resolved. The so-called admirers have their own fishy motives to serve. A successful man is like a candle drawing myriads of moths in the form of people around himself.

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There is no dearth of people running after the influential, the wealthy. People chase the successful for fulfilling their certain ulterior motives. The influential leader can ask his followers to do certain undesirable things on his behalf and they would willingly do it though at a certain risk.

But when is thrown out of power the admirers run away silently. A successful industrialist can court friendship with bureaucracy in the higher echelon. Well placed people in life would like to enjoy the close proximity of the successful industrialist. The latter too has own motives in enjoying the nearness of the former for hooking certain advantages to flourish his business.

“Success Has Many Friends”

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