Essay No. 311:

Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity: Shakespeare in his comedy play “As You Like It” brings home to the reader that adversity has certain redeeming features of its own, which influence man positively in different ways. Adversity is highly a despicable phenomenon.

Man dreads adversity, as sometimes he does not have courage to face it. Adversity runs man down in life. Adversity creates a will in man to face the storms and stresses of life with courage. Those who pick up cudgels against adversity, are blessed with a will and courage to make their way in life.

Courage determination are the weapons to fight against adversity. These rare qualities are aroused in man, who beings to struggle against adverse circumstances to emerge victorious in life. Such persons develop stamina to experience ups and downs in life valiantly.

Those who roll in plenty and prosperity are unfit to face the crude and rough realities of life. They are ill-suited to face the hazards of life. On the other hand, suffering brings out the best in man. Iqbal, poet of the East, admits clearly that his potential got ripened under ‘Qalandri’—— a state of helplessness, economic deprivation and not under ‘Skindari’—a state of riches, power and pelf and domination.

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Those who wish to court qalandri as a mode of living emerge out as the strongest individuals, capable of fighting against unfavorable circumstances. The elite class in Pakistan needs to be sensitized to this way of living for putting up with hard and not soft choices in life.

The poor are familiar with the cruelties of poverty and destitution. They can pull on with unfavorable times. This does not, however, mean that poverty should not be eradicated. It must bring about some positive change in the lives of the poor.

All the same, the rich classes must compulsorily be made to undergo courses in adversity to acquaint them with the problems of the poor and to learn the lesson of courage and fortitude to face the harsh-realities of life.

“Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity”