Essay No. 157:

The Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Government: There is no doubt about the fact that justice provides the firmest pillar to a government. A government resting on justice is the best one, as it could adequately redress the grievances of people. Hence every society should endeavor to establish a government which could dispense justice to all the sundry without any discrimination.

It is an irony of fate that we have failed in establishing such a type of government in Pakistan. The result is that real justice has evaporated form Pakistan. The people are the victim of gross injustices. Dispensation of justice flows out of independent judiciary. The judiciary in Pakistan is not independent as it is under the influence of the establishment.

A judiciary with clipped wings cannot provide justice to the people. Our judiciary on the whole, has remained subservient to the dictation of the executive. That is why it has been justifying the military take over in Pakistan at different times under the cover of the necessity-doctrine. Judges taking oaths under PCO cannot be excepted to do justice to the people. It is rather unfortunate.

There are corrupt practices prevalent at the lower and higher levels of judiciary. Poor people are made to buy justice form lower of higher courts as they do not get justice in routine. Hence the record of the past and the present governments has far from been satisfactory in the provision of justice to the people.

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Governments are thus weak form within and cannot safeguard the fundamental rights of the people. Our government would grown strong when it decides to free judiciary form undue interference and influence. Judges who have the moral courage in defying external influences are the real source of strength to the nation.

It is the responsibility of the government to provide corruption-free governance to the people in Pakistan. If it succeeds in that, it would be laying a firm base for the provision of justice to all and sundry. Governments own fragility would end when it could help build the pillar of justice in Pakistan.

It would be a right step in the right direction, as once regime of justice and merit come to prevail in the society, many social vices like corruption and injustice would terminate. For that purpose the ideology of expediency would have to go permanently.

“The Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Government”