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Essay No. 123:

The Apparel Oft Proclaims The Man: The quotation is from Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’, which brings home to the reader that it is the dress that man wears makes him high or low in the eyes of others. The prestige or dignity of man is linked to the dress worn by him. A person wearing a good dress is taken for a gentleman in society.

That is why people attach great importance to dress. The dress is taken for a symbol of outer prestige. People run after outer appearances, which often are deceptive. The rogues, the rascals, the double-faced present themselves in good apparel to people. People judge them by their outer appearance.

They can easily dupe the simple type of people. A person talking sweet, wearing an impressive dress may be a villain of the highest order. He may be devoid of all human virtues, yet may continue to deceive people by virtue of the sparkling dress worn by him. This tendency is common in Third World countries.

People under the grab of dresses develop social relations with the high ups and get their personal works down. Man is incapacitated to probe into the real self of his fellow human beings. a long drawn out association with a particular individual can reveal some of his traits to his fellow companions. Man’s behaviour with people is an indicator of his good or bad credentials.

People thus wear the cloak of piety to dodge people. Hence a person wearing a good dress cannot be taken for pious. There is a story according to which Saadi Shirazi was invited by a dignitary to a party. Saadi Shirazi condescended to attend the party. He went to the party but was detained at the gate by the chowkidar.

He went back to his home without attending the party. The host got upset when he found Saadi missing at the party. He went to Saadi’s residence and requested him to join the party. Saadi accompanied the host. Saadi however, refused to take anything in the party. Saadi Shirazi, while addressing his clumsy shirt said, “the feast is to you and not to Saadi”.

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That is how the outer address is taken as the measure to judge the worth of a person. It is a matter of common observation that persons who are rich inwardly do not go by a dress. Albert Einstein – a great physicist of the twentieth century. Never bothered about a dress. He wore a simple dress but was inwardly a rich person.

Only shallow persons wear costly dresses to impress others. Intellectuals do not seek refugee in outer dresses. Their forte is rich thought, which is a key to opening new vistas of thinking for the coming generations. Scientists, researchers are engaged in research activities and are interested in their work.

They do not go by false appearances. Hence dress is a faulty criterion to judge the intrinsic worth of an individual. Outer appearances are often false which should be set aside to determine the worth of a person. One should wear a neat simple dress.

“The Apparel Oft Proclaims The Man”