Essay No. 267:

The Charm Of A Man Is In His Strength: The saying implies that the charm of a man lies in his physical, spiritual strength. The former category confers strength on man by virtue of the power he wield in life. The kings, monarchs in the past were feared by the subjects because they exercised immense power and could fix the people who dared to differ with their policies and way of administration.

They could not tolerate opposition. They were ruthless in the suppression of the opposition. In the present times dictators who assume power by toppling civil governments, do not have the capacity to digest even genuine criticism.  People hate dictators, but conceal their hatred for fear for being put to prisons or losing their lives.

Dictators make use of power rather nakedly. Hitler, Mussolini and their ilk are despised by the people. Military dictators, who spread no pains in breaking the spinal cord of Pakistan by destroying the basic constitutions are rebuked by the people who spit on their heinous deeds.

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Physical power no doubt confers strength on men as it is seldom used for constructive purpose. Power thus emerges as a symbol of repression, tyranny. It is to be hated. Men who enjoy spiritual power, can move the inner cord of the self-man. They can engineer a silent sort of revolution in men.

Saints can perform miraculous things by putting man on to the path of righteous living. They can bring about a positive healthy trend in the thinking of people on the basis of their strength of character and conviction. The real strength lies in the character of man. Sufis don’t dread physical power.

They can face it with the strength of their character and conviction. They refuse to bend themselves to tyranny, injustice, force, etc. the spiritual power is time enduring, while physical power perishes with the vicissitudes of time. Hence man should consciously endeavor to develop the power of character, which implies firmness or toughness or a refusal to yield or surrender.

“The Charm Of A Man Is In His Strength”