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The Doctrine Of Chance Is The Bible Of The Fools

Essay No. 165:

The Doctrine Of Chance Is The Bible Of The Fools: According to the saying, it is fools who ascribe their success or failure to the pleasure or displeasure of the deity of chance. When they are blessed with success they consider it an act of favour of the deity. In case of failure, it is thought to be an act of disfavor of the goddess of chance or fate. Fools (unrealistic men) rank fate or chance as a great power, making a king beggar, the latter a king.

The fools, the unwise influenced by stars pin faith in chance or fate either to let them up or down in life. It is a wrong way of thinking in life. It is a fatalist approach towards life. Man has to catch chance that comes in his way to bring about a change in life. If chance comes but is not availed of by man himself, it would lapse once and for all.

Opportunities that arise in one’s life must be thoroughly exploited to descend from heavens, would not stir themselves to action to make struggle to achieve their goal in life. Needless to mention that man has to struggle hard to earn his living. Chance does not let money grow on plants. That has to be acquired through a great struggle.

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Man has to move his hands to pick up the morsel of food to feed his body. No super force would come into operation to do the job. CSS candidates intending to appear in the competitive examination cannot afford to rely on learning cannot be of much avail to CSS candidates. One has to act in a practical way to deal with myriad challenges of life.

Fools live in a world of phantasy. It is world of irreality. They mostly rely on chance in life. They fail to understand the cause-effect relationship, which offer explanation of the occurrence of things in life. They expect miracles to happen in life, which do not take place. They are defeated at the hands of irrealism.

Normal human beings act in a practical way to achieve their objectives, and do not throw themselves at the mercy of chance.

“The Doctrine Of Chance Is The Bible Of The Fools:

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