The Fault Dear Brutus, Is Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves That We Are Underlings

Essay No. 259:

The Fault Dear Brutus, Is Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves That We Are Underlings: One of the characters in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, rightly points out the weaknesses of man, who sometimes is ill at ease in facing the realities of life.

Man, who cannot boast of conquering the space, may fail to counter the grueling realities and he may ascribe his failure to stars o some super natural forces. Man does not realize that the latter are powerless in affecting his fate, which by and large lie in the hands of man himself.

Man con overcome even the most unfavorable circumstances though his indomitable will and determination. Man happens to be a poor creature in certain respects. He cannot face certain ground realities of life courageously. He thus goes to astrologers, astronomers to consult about his problems giving rise to certain difficulties.

He wishes to seek a recipe a resolve them, realizing little that the solution lies in his own hands. One may call it a psychological escapism on the part of man to own realities. If man consciously endeavors to identify his own short comings and tries to overcome them, he can do so.

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The tragedy commences when man beings to discover psychological defense mechanisms to justify his failings in life. He should overcome his complex of being underling. He can mold the circumstance to his advantage through struggle waged on the right lines to overcome the adversities thwarting his onward march in life.

Belief in predestination can wrest away energy form man. It is a fatalistic view of life. No doubt there are certain forces, which could impede the way of man to achieve success in life. However, if man overpowers his internal weaknesses, he can successfully grapple with hostile forces to contain them properly.

Man must realize that he is endowed with intellect, which he should utilize in devising suitable strategies to overcome unfavorable circumstances to achieve his goals in life. Well-planned efforts can enable to individual and a nation to deal squarely with the challenges arising in life at different times.

Nothing is impossible. What is needed is the will, determination on the part of man to surmount difficulties that stand in his way. Man must, under all conditions raise himself to wrestle with the challenges of life. Man must abandon the philosophy of inaction and lethargy to pull on with life.

“The Fault Dear Brutus, Is Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves That We Are Underlings”