Essay No. 326:

The Fish Always Stinks Form The Head Downwards: People judge the freshness or staleness of a fish by seeing its head. If the head does not stink, it indicates the freshness of fish and vice verse. When the responsible portion is rotten, it would rot the whole body of the fish, likewise, when the top leadership in a country is corrupt, it would gradually and slowly percolate to the entire body politic.

The infection of corruption would spread to the lowest tier of the society, when the top leadership is corrupt. The stories of corruption are galore in Pakistan. The leaders, politicians holding responsible positions in Pakistan, abuse their powers and authority and indulge in financial bungling to fill in their coffers with ill-gotten money. The octopus of corruption derives sustenance when politicians, rulers indulge in plunder and lost in the country.

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The fish case of Pakistan has started roting form the head and the signs of stink appear in the body politic of Pakistan. If Pakistan is to recover from corruption, then it must have honest leaders like the Quaid-e-Azam and the early Muslim League leaders like Sardar Abdul Rub Nishtar etc. a great responsibility lies on political parties not to award tickets to those who are men of representative who do not enjoy a good character.

The Election Commission should equally not consider those eligible, whose antecedents are of a doubtful nature. Only clean representatives with no fishy motives can help fight against moral rottenness in the form of corruption and other social vices. The elected representatives should not be like a fish stinking form the head. The problem is to be fought on a number of fronts at a time.

If democracy continues uninterruptedly in Pakistan, though with a lame speed, some healthy signs would emerge over time. The fish stinking form the head, should not be allowed to stink the whole body politic in Pakistan.

“The Fish Always Stinks Form The Head Downwards”