Essay No. 75:

The Golden Rule is That There Is No Golden Rule: The statement explains the nature of man-made rules. The rules change with a change in circumstances. Rules are primarily meant to serve man. Man is the final end and rules are meant to cater to the requirements of man under all conditions.


Every government amends laws off and on to bring them in line with changing conditions. Continual amendments are the means to bring laws and rules in conformity with the needs of man. Rules and laws are not static. In a stationary society, laws and rules are stationary. In an authoritarian society, words spoken by elders assume the form of laws, deviation from which is considered as a sin. In progressive societies, old laws are repealed and replaced by new ones.


Under democratic dispensation, every ruling government assumes the responsibility of repealing old laws that are considered obsolete and not in conformity with the blowing of winds of change. In government offices, rules are subject to periodic changes. Old policies are discarded and new policies are formulated which are designed to keep pace with the newly-emerging realities at the domestic and international levels.


The foreign policy of a country has to be shaped in a manner as to account for the emergence of new realities, of course, the fundamental parameters of a country’s interests remaining unchanged. This happens in every walk of life. Life’s demands change which occasion changes in different fields of life. Developed / underdeveloped societies have to accept a change to incorporate it into different policies. Rules are thus not rigid and static. Rules are flexible and dynamic to undergo the process of change. If at all there is an unchangeable law, that is the law of change.

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Laws of morality do not change, as they basically stand for guiding man in his day-to-day- life. The law of truth is unchangeable because in it lies the welfare of man. Even on certain occasions, speaking of truth can be held in abeyance. If you are a pilot in the Pakistan Air Force, and God forbid, you are forced to land at the territory of the enemy, the latter would bear the pressure of different types on you to reveal certain secrets regarding PAF.


Under these conditions, it would not be advisable to disclose secrets. If you speak cut the truth, it could put the PAF to great peril. Let it be stated that only under exceptional circumstances, a deviation can be made from principles of morality. Morality principles are meant to be obeyed to create harmony in social surroundings.


In the light of the foregoing facts, it is reiterated once again that rules/laws are not final rather they are subject to the interpretation of changing times. Hence it can be argued that the golden rule is that there is no golden rule.

“The Golden Rule is That There Is No Golden Rule”