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The Greatest Of Faults, Is To Be Conscious Of None

Essay No. 327:

The Greatest Of Faults, Is To Be Conscious Of None: The proverb means that man fails to recognize his own flaws and faults. Man by nature is narcissist, who out of the way loves his self and is not inclined to recognize his faults. No man is perfect in the world. He suffers from a number of shortcomings. However, owing to the predominance of narcissism, man does not look into his sleeve to discover his flaws and shortcomings.

He tries to discover a beam in the eyes of other but cannot see beam in his own eyes. Even the preachers of purity, honesty and humanity are not above human weaknesses. It is a different matter they may not reconcile to their own shortcomings. But others who come in contact with them, can spot out their weaknesses. Man must consciously try to identify his weakness for their eventual rectification.

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This approach if followed can lead man to success in life, since he who succeeds in recognizing his own self inclusive of his shortcomings, recognizes God. Hence those who indulge in this painful exercise, are able to gain an edge over the vain. Military strategists discover flaws in their previous approach and accordingly remove the snags that could hinder them from achieving their objective in the present.

Candidates who are able to understand their limitations, try to overcome consciously to ensure better performance in the examination. Those who are blind to own their weakness, are blind of the highest order. Successful leaders make a survey of their environments on a continual basis in order to evolve pragmatic strategies to win their objective. Human approach, by and large, is imperfect.

Hence the art of success lies in making an assessment of a given situation rather objectively and then evolving a practical strategy to deal with intricate things so as to remove the hurdles which could block the passage of future progress. Hence it requires man to take stock of his weaknesses analytically in order to avoid lapses, weakness which could stand in the way of his onward movement.

“The Greatest Of Faults, Is To Be Conscious Of None”

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