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The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Rules The World

Essay No. 222: 

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Rules The World: The maxim reveals the role that a woman can play upbringing her children in life. A mother can educated her child in a befitting manner. She can polish the habits of her child and make him / her realize the ups and downs of life.

A child who is bred properly, turns out to be a refined personality, capable of taking decisions in time and ruling over the crust of time. In other words, it is the education and far-sightedness of a mother which is transmuted to her child that makes the latter a balanced personality, capable of ruling the world in different spheres in life.

The training and education imparted by a mother to her children enables them to achieve marks in life. A society consisting of hardworking individuals, eager to acquire specialization in different fields of life, in fact reflect the hidden hand of their mothers behind their initial training in upbringing them as useful, productive members of the society.

A mother indirectly rules the world through their children, who come to acquire power to shine in different fields of life. It is not the men who rule, but their mother. Mothers thus rule over the world through their children. A mother’s role in training her children for the practicalities of life assumes a great importance. It is she who prepares her children to face the adversities of life boldly.

Hence those who are reared properly in the lap of their mothers, seldom meet failure in life. Their resounding success is the success of their mother. Sheikh Abdul Qadir (RA)—a legendary figure of sufiism, (God be pleased with him) was brought up nicely by his mother. She taught him the virtues which he was to practice in life. He was forbidden strictly to tell a lie.

He was to embark upon a journey along with some companions. His mothers gave him some gold coins, which she weaved in his shirt. The gold coins were concealed in the shirt. The dacoits were taken aback at the truthful answer of the boy. They were so impressed by the honesty of Sh. Abdul Qadir (RA) that they said farewell to robbery once and for all in life.

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It was the mother of the Sheikh, who had triumphed over the evil permanently. This shows that mother of children speaks through them. It was Napoleon who said “Give me good mothers, and I will give you a good nation.” Napoleon was right as the backbone of a nation is its mother. The greatness of a nation owes much to the strength of mothers.

Those who suck the milk of human kindness, later on turn out to be good human beings, charged with the spirit of human sympathy. If one looks at a successful individual’s life, one’s visions goes to one’s mother who groomed one well to court a series of successes in life. The greatness of an individual is the greatness of his mothers.

If we wish for a good society, we must have good mothers, armed with education and enlightenment. It is highly deplorable to observe that the female literacy rate is the lowest in Pakistan. More than sixty percent of the women in Pakistan are illiterate. They have little role to play in the upbringing of their children. It can’t be made a general rule as exceptions are there.

Even illiterate women, but with a rich vision and a high level of IQ, influence their children in a number of good ways. All the same the need of the time is to have educated mothers, who through training could remove the oddities of their children. Mothers who highlight the importance of honest living to their children, do a great service to society.

The children invariably accept the influence of their mothers, who later in life shun indulging in malpractices. Hence if we aim at building a stable society in Pakistan, we must insist for the constructive role of mothers.

“The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Rules The World”

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