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Essay No. 87:

The Impossible Is Often The Untried: The maxim reveals the reality of life. Things appear impossible as long as they remain untried. Even the most impossible things give in before the indomitable will of man. Man is blessed with a vision, courage and determination to probe into the mysteries of nature. Man has made use of these traits intelligently and now he has greatly succeeded in overcoming the forces of nature. There was a time when nature had an upper hand on the man. Now the tables are turned, the man now has an upper nature.


Four decades back, the moon used to be a distant dream to man. Man harnessed his mental energies and succeeded through space-research in landing on the surface of the moon. Man is continuing his research and can hope to conquer other spatial bodies in the course of time. Nothing can stand in the way of man’s determination. He can do the impossible things if he so wills.


It is a different matter that man has not seriously thought of extermination poverty and hunger in the world.  The resources presently devoted to the space-research in the developed countries, if transferred to the poor Third World, could lead to the banishment of poverty. The developed countries do not have a will to do so, because they wish to keep the poor Third World in a state of poverty and squalor, just to exploit the weaknesses of the latter to their advantage.


The developed countries do not wish to pass on the secrets of technology to the Third World, because that could strengthen their position and they might pose a challenge to their economies. It is a matter of selfish interests which does not permit the developed countries to think about the need for exterminating poverty in the Third World.

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The Third World countries must show a resolute will on their part to deal with poverty, as angels are not going to fight on their behalf. The leadership in the Third World must show the highest form of determination to come to grip with the problem of poverty and underdevelopment. Pakistan at the moment suffers from the crisis of leadership.


When it is blessed with the right type of leadership, which is interested in establishing the writ the law to build stable instructions of diverse nature, it will succeed in overcoming the problem of political instability. If that takes place, it would promote economic stability to ultimately wriggle Pakistan out of the present uncertain life, the impossible would become possible.


However, there are many ifs and buts in the long journey of the country, which ultimately must be removed to proceed undauntedly for the realization of the objective. The crux of the matter is that impossible appears impossible as long as it is untried.

“The Impossible Is Often The Untried”