The Mind Is Its Own Place And In Itself Can Make A Heaven A Hell And A Hell Of Heaven

Essay No. 263:

The Mind Is Its Own Place And In Itself Can Make A Heaven A Hell And A Hell Of Heaven: Human mind a place from where originate thought, which influences the thinking of man in life. In some minds lie the germs of cynicism and pessimism. Men with this thinking develop pooh-pooh attitude on life.

Even if they were placed in heaven, where they get all kinds of facilities, where they have no worries and tension, they would through their morbid thinking equate it to hell. They would find fault in every thinking and convert heaven into a hell. Their negative thinking can make life a veritable hell.

There are some people, who while facing the worst possible circumstance, do not grumble but resolutely face them in the hope of turning the tide for good. They accept the challenges and continue struggle uninterruptedly to be out of wood. Patience and perseverance are their weapons to fight and adversities of life.

Life punctuated with a series who have the stamina to grapple with the adversities of life, in fact have the potential of turning a hell to heaven. So heaven or hell lie within the mind of man. Man through the gift of mind can take side either way. One can make oneself miserable even under happy conditions and can feel cheerful under adverse conditions.

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It all would depend upon one’s attitude towards life. The bitter lesson is that one should not lose one’s heart when placed under trying and hard circumstance of life. One should instead of grumbling, wage relentless struggle to come out of the unfavorable circumstances through strong will and determination.

When one passes through favorable conditions one should thank Allah for His kindnesses and blessings. However, when one is put to straitened circumstance, one should pick up courage and fortitude to have wrestle with them to overcome them.

One should thus train one’s mind in a way as to face the odds and hazards of life in a resolute manner by holding on to the rope of Allah in the hope of being out of them one day. In either case, one should not forget Allah, as he alone is the final arbiter.

“The Mind Is Its Own Place And In Itself  Can Make A Heaven A Hell And A Hell Of Heaven”