Essay No. 340:

The More Developed A Country More Lethally It Is Armed: The country brings home to reader that if a country is highly developed, it is armed with lethal weapons, like atomic bomb or weapons of mass destruction. It fairly holds true of all developed countries like the US, other West European countries and China. The developed countries at the same time possess nuclear capability, which has enabled them to produce atomic weapons, capable of bringing about horrible destruction in the world.

They are armed to the teeth with lethal weapons. The possession of lethal weapons is regarded as a symbol of distinction in the developed world. The hot pursuit of nuclear weapons has equally inspired some developing countries to go in for lethal race, India and Pakistan are ranked as underdeveloped countries. It was India that exploded its atomic bomb in 1974 which further induced Pakistan to enter into nuclear race with India to maintain a balance.

Pakistan followed suit just to ensure its survival and Pakistan becoming a nuclear power averted the possibility of confrontation with India. The balance of power was maintained when Pakistan detonated its nuclear bomb in 1998. Some other developing countries like Korea and Iran have also entered into nuclear race. Iran is passing successfully through different stages to acquire nuclear capability and despite sanctions imposed on it by the US and the Western world, Iran may succeed in detonating nuclear bomb.

Many of the developing countries, in view of their peculiar compulsion, consider it necessary to attain nuclear capability. On face of things it may not seen desirable to devote their scarce resources to the production of nuclear weapons, as the primary problem is to reduce economic poverty to bring about a positive change in the living style of the people in the poor countries.

All the same, compelling circumstances forces some developing countries to develop nuclear energy though they should ensure the utilization of their scarce resources to raise the level of development for purpose of eradication of poverty. Developing countries in the line with the experience of the developed countries, have entered into the nuclear field in view of certain specific compulsions faced by the former.

The fact, however, remains unaltered that the developed countries are lethally armed. They have paved the way for the proliferation of lethal weapons. It is though the most modern research and development that they have mastered specialization in the nuclear field. The spread effects of nuclear research have captivated the certain developing countries to bend their energies to acquire nuclear capability.

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Developing countries through their indigenous research and efforts are after acquiring the nuclear know-how to manufacture nuclear energy. It has set a sort of nuclear race and this needs to be abandoned. The future of the world appears to be at stake in view of the increasing nuclear potential. There is a saying that nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but also a great hope.

The possession of nuclear weapons by the developed end certain other developing countries poses a great threat to the world peace. However, if only a few developed countries were to possess nuclear weapons it would result in upsetting the balance of power at the international level. Their possession by the developed as well as certain developing countries provides a ray of hop e against their misuse.

Balance of power needs to be restored. If it is upset, then the mankind could be exposed to great perils. The developed countries spend a significant proportion of their resources on the development of lethal weapons. They wish to maintain their ascendancy in this respect. It would be better if the resources were diverted to poor countries to promote economic development in them with a view to reducing the magnitude of economic poverty.

But it is not altruistic world we live in. it is the world of economic interest. This development is a distant cry, as developed countries may find it somewhat difficult to come out of the limited ambit of parochial limited nationalistic thinking. So the possibilities of raising mankind in a larger perspective as an organic whole are limited.

The upshot of the discussion is that developed countries are highly laced with lethal weapons, which can be released to imperil the future of mankind as and when the savage men in the developed countries comes on the surface. That can equally happen in case of developing countries, which are more vulnerable to this tendency. Nuclear weapons need to be thrown in the sea once and for all.

“The More Developed A Country More Lethally It Is Armed”

“The More Developed A Country More Lethally It Is Armed”