Essay No. 109:

The Most Important Thing Is Not To Find But To Add To Ourselves What We Find: The statement means that one should go on adding new things to one’s knowledge in life. The process of pick and choose should go on in life. Whatever comes to one’s knowledge should be added to one’s mental enrichment and growth.

Instead of finding new things, one should consolidate the things already discovered. A country having won freedom, should concentrate on consolidating its gains instead of eying on else’s territory. Newly-won freedom should be consolidated in every possible way.

Whatever Pakistan has achieved should be maintained properly. Likewise, the knowledge one has acquired should be assimilated and practised well. The statement equally means that man should remain contented in life with what he has achieved.

The aspirations of people in the Third World countries are not static. A person belonging to a rich family might have achieved reasonably a good standard of living. He may still be dissatisfied. He may try to maintain the living standard he has already achieved.

He may now like to shift to a new bungalow, spanning over a few canals. While he should set aside his savings for some new project, it would not be prudent on his part to spend spending on wasteful consumption.

The statement discourages to find out new things life. If that were to happen it would jam the wheel of human progress. If nations were to remain contented with what they have already achieved, they would fall prey to stagnation. Curiosity on the part of man widens the exploration of new horizons in life.

That is how man marches from a lower to a higher stage in life. That gives impetus to a new cycle of discoveries and inventions. Man is out to discover new galaxies. He is not contented with what he has already discovered. He is going to explore further space secrets to add to his knowledge.

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He must increase his knowledge beyond the existing frontiers. Hence the process of the extension of knowledge must go on for finding out new avenues in the space exploration.

The statement brings out the importance of making the best use of knowledge in different fields that man possesses. At the same time, he should through Research and Development extend the existing frontiers of knowledge for increasing the pace of material conveniences of life.

If a man shows a spirit of resignations in this behalf, that is the end of progress. Hence wisdom demands that man should consolidate the gains of things he has already achieved in life and should not sit idle in adding new worlds to his knowledge. The west acts on this principle.

“The Most Important Thing Is Not To Find But To Add To Ourselves What We Find”