Essay No. 72:

The Only Knowledge Worth-Having Is That Which Is Applicable To Some Part Of The Economic Life Of The Community: One can offer to differ with the statement by saying that knowledge can’t be compartmentalized. Knowledge is knowledge, which needs to be acquired by in its different forms. The present century is knowledge-based century and a poor country like Pakistan has to pursue knowledge to promote its survival.


According to the statement, only knowledge relating to some part of the economic life in Pakistan is worth-having. There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistan needs that knowledge which should help it overcome economic poverty. In other words, knowledge of economics has great importance, whose application economists should evolve a distinct model of growth that suits the country in view of its typical requirements of underdevelopment.


We need a development model which should help promote growth on the one hand and social justice on the other.  The country needs a blend of growth and justice. The present growth model sets growth as the ultimate objective to achieve, but social justice seems to lie outside its sphere. There is no use in borrowing growth models of the developed countries. These do not suit us.


Apart from the knowledge of economics, Pakistan needs an overall knowledge-based economy. It needs to develop knowledge to manufacture indigenous technology. The knowledge of technology is as important as that of economics. Industrialization involves the use of machinery and capital goods, which at present are imported from developed countries.


The latter is not willing to transfer the secrets of technology to the former. Hence the need is to evolve and perfect indigenous technology to introduce labour-intensive techniques to make the fullest use of labour.

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Pakistan needs to concentrate on economics and technology through Research and Development. It should, however, not neglect the development of knowledge in social sciences. The need for literature is equally felt to create the spirit of humanism in young men. It is not wise to produce robots in society, the study of literature is important to create in young men love for humanism.


Above all the study of religion has its own importance; which emphasizes the development of soul as well of body. Religion brings home to the man that bread is not the only thing to be promoted in life. It equally bears upon man to attend to the calls of his soul, which remain unattended to in the context of material pursuits of life. The society needs a balanced development of life.


It may be concluded that knowledge in its different forms should be pursued and economics knowledge should not be adopted at the expense of other forms of knowledge. It is a different matter that knowledge of economics and technology be preferred to other forms in view of its peculiar importance.

“The Only Knowledge Worth-Having Is That Which Is Applicable To Some Part Of The Economic Life Of The Community”