Essay No. 194:

The Pot Calls The Kettle Back: The saying is to be interpreted symbolically. A pot is a vessel for cooling. It can be an earthenware for cooling various kinds of dishes, like vegetables, meat, pulses, etc. in the rural areas in Pakistan, the earthenware are mostly used to cook the aforementioned dishes.

Constant use of earthenware creates blackness spots in it. Overtime it develops a blackness. The pot itself gets blackened. So is the case with a kettle. Both are the victims of blackness. Hence it does not behave a pot to call the kettle black, which itself suffers from the same.

It applies fairly well to human beings. A person without considering his own faults would hold the other responsible. He would not take the trouble of taking stock of his shortcomings and would not lose any opportunity of criticizing others. Man by nature does not like to own his failings rather he takes delight in splashing the shortcomings of his adversaries in particular.

A blind person without considering his own blindness would call the other blind. If man were to identify his own shortcomings to rectify them through conscious efforts, many of the human conflicts would end. This seldom happens because man narcissist by nature is not inclined to recognize his faults rather he unconsciously revels in playing upon the defects of others.

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Shakespeare’s Othello was a credulous believer and this weakness if Othello’s made him believe in lago, who insinuated him against his wife Desdemona. Othello stabbed his wife and also murdered himself. It resulted in a great tragedy. Human beings, bundle of weaknesses, fail to reconcile to their own limitations.

They however, easily point out the limitations and weaknesses of others. No one sees a beam in his own eyes rather sees a beam in the eyes of others. It is like saying a pot calling a kettle black. This tendency should be avoided in life. It only breeds blame-game on both the parties though each has to share the blame.

No good is done by indulging in recriminations of each other. Wise men do introspection to find out their own weaknesses instead of passing the buck on to others.

The Pot Calls The Kettle Back”