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The Problem Of Noise: Noise emerges out as a serious problem in the modern industrial world. One may call it to be the offshoot of industrialization. The urban thickly-populated areas are highly susceptible to the syndrome of noise. One sees roads in big cities paraded by lorries, wagons, rickshaws especially in the morning and evening hours.

There are long rows of vehicles running on both sides on roads, emitting diesel smoke, followed by high-pitched horns. The passing of vehicles produces a typical noise, which is of jarring nature. It terribly affects the human nervous system. Silencers of certain vehicles are damaged which apart from emitting diesel smoke, produce a great noise.

That affects adversely human ears. This process is repeated day and night particularly in big cities like Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, much to the annoyance of commuters and the general public. Buses, wagons, rickshaws being overloaded with passengers in the afternoon, are seen running on different roads, creating a lot of motorized noise.

Noise is a form of pollution which has come to grip, especially the urban cities and towns.  In our country. Vehicles throwing out smoke, followed by high-pitched horns are seldom challenged. This does not happen in developed countries, where traffic laws are enforced very strictly. The recurrence of noise is the legacy of soft states where law does not have a complete hold over societies.

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The nose pollution adversely affects the nervous system of people. Industrial areas located near the human dwellings are also a source of noise pollution. The working of factories creates a sort of jarring noise, which the people living near industrial areas, have to bear willy-nilly. Industries need to be spread out over a vast area, located far-off from human habitats.

Special areas need to be planned for industrial purposes. Industrialization is imperative and a must to promote rapid economic growth in a poor country like Pakistan. Noise is a consequence of industrialization, which cannot be postponed, just to avoid noise pollution. What, however, needed is environmental planning and its enforcement strictly.

In Pakistan society, loudspeakers at certain places like mosques, shrines are used indiscreetly, which turn out to be a great nuisance for the people. Hymns, Psalms are sung at the high-pitched frequency on loudspeakers. That disturbs the peace of people living in different localities. Loudspeakers may be used for inviting the believers for prayers in mosques five times a day.

The timings for the use of loudspeakers may be fixed beyond which they should not be used. Some heart patients need complete rest who are upset when high-pitched hymns are sung on the loudspeakers. Students need calm and peace to concentrate on their studies. There is a need to restore sanity in the use of loudspeakers. Noise pollution should be discouraged under all conditions.

“The Problem Of Noise”