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The Quality Of Mercy Is Twice Blessed

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The Quality Of Mercy Is Twice BlessedThis is with reference to the speech delivered by Portia in “The Merchant of Venice” that the quality of mercy is eulogized. Mercy blesses both the mercy-shower and the mercy-receiver. Mercy is a divine quality, which must be exhibited by man in life.

When man shows mercy to his fellow beings. He indirectly commits a divinely act, as God is Merciful, kind. Human beings commit different types of sins in life. Some are light others are of grave nature. Allah pardons human beings for their sins of omission and commission as He is Merciful.

It thus behaves man being a manifestation of Divinity, to show mercy to his fellow creatures. If God could forgive human lapses, then why man should not exhibit the divinely trait while dealing with his fellow beings. If we were to be punished for our sins, then heel would be the permanent place for our living.

God overlooks our sinful actions and showers His mercies attitude towards human beings. It means that those who wrong us, should be pardoned. It requires moral courage of the highest order to show mercy even to those, who bleed us with the stones of ill intention and malice.

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Our Prophet (PBUH) showed mercy to the lady who threw rubbish over his head when he passed by her house. He took care of the lady, who was moved by his compassion and embraced Islam. We should show large hardheartedness and take a compassionate view of things that irritate us.

Magnanimity is an attitude of mercy. If this principle were followed at the international level, the developed countries might show inclination to waive off the loans of poor countries, which cannot easily repay them.

I plead mercy to be a component of international politics, which could go a long way to ease tension and rift between countries. This however, requires a major change in the outlook of countries to imbibe the qualities of mercy and godliness.

“The Quality Of Mercy Is Twice Blessed”

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