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The Sense Of Humor Is Helpful In Many Different Moments

Essay No. 138:

The Sense Of Humor Is Helpful In Many Different Moments: The statement explains the importance of humour in life. Humour is a spice of life which can sweeten moments of anxiety and sadness. It is a rare quality with which certain human beings are gifted. All men are not blessed with humour.

Humour invariably comes to the rescue of men when they are in the thick of anxious moments. A student who has earned the displeasure of his teacher can turn the table through his sense of humour. Many subordinates who earn the ire of their boss, can pacify the bitter feelings of their officers through a sense of humour.

A subordinate was taunted by his boss that he was living in a pool’s paradise whereupon he replied that only fools lived in the paradise and not the wise. That provoked spontaneous laughter and the mood of the boss changes. Humour helps man pass through difficult moments. It is a great armour to neutralize sourness.

It is not the cup of tea for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Only a few possess the quality of humour. You can intelligently come out of an unpleasant, difficult situation if you have a sense of humour. It is a rare quality of human beings.

Petras Bokhari is known for humour through his essays: ‘Pitras Kay Mazameen’. It is a pleasure and treats to read Petras’ essays in Urdu, which invoke in your laughter and appreciation. Petras creates humour through the coining of words. It is very difficult to cultivate the quality of humour.

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Some columnists are known for their humorous columns. Late Prof. Muhammad Saleem who wrote ‘Sar-i-Rahay’ column in the Nawa-i-Waqt some time back, produced sparkling wit in the column, which the readers would remember for a long time. Political events if cast in humour have their own impact.

Rashid Ahmad Siddiqi, Mushtaq Yousafi are the celebrated writers whose writings run in the vein at humour. One relishes the tinge of humour contained in the writings. Manshajee too had a subtle sense of humour. One should read the writings of humorist writers for mental pleasure and enjoyment. If you are in a sad mood, better read writers known for humour.

Shakespeare in his play ‘Henry IV’ depicts the character of Mr Falstaff, who sheds humour from his talk. He is considered to be an embodiment of humour. He hides his cowardice under the mask of humour. When his cowardice is detected occasioned by his running away on seeing Prince Hall, he says that he is a loin who would not touch a Prince. One should relish humour in life. It is a shield in the hands of a person to overcome difficult moments in life.

“The Sense Of Humor Is Helpful In Many Different Moments”

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