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The Virtues Of Humility: At the very outset the meaning of the humility may be spelled out. It means the quality of being humble or lowliness of mind. It connotes modesty as well. Humility has many virtues of its own. People showing humbleness in life, despite being wealthy and rich in knowledge are really the meaningful. The stiff-necked are arrogant and proud.

They are the target of criticism everywhere. Arrogance, haughtiness are the characteristics of vain persons. Profound scholars do not openly brag of their scholarly traits. They pose themselves as humble and modest. Newton, a great physicist, humbly proclaimed himself to be the picker of pebbles on the seashore of knowledge.

He did not claim to have picked up a few pebbles though he was a man of profound knowledge. Scientists, scholars do not therefore, drum about their scholarship in a naked manner. They are not like empty vessels making much noise. They are humble and modest in their talk and behavior. On the other hand, vain persons possessing little of knowledge and wisdom, try to remain unassuming in life, since vanity reflects hollowness, which one must shun at any cost.

Modesty brings man near to his fellow beings. It means sharing the common concerns of others. Politicians,. Who are modest in their behavior, win the hearts of people. They endear themselves to the voters and come out successful in their constituencies in elections. Those who look down upon people are held in scorn and hatred in society.

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Outwardly they may command respect over ordinary people, but they are least respected. Respect is earned on the basis of good actions. Administrators who are pound and do not like to maintain a direct contact with their subordinates, fail to enlist the cooperation of their subordinates in the real sense.

Humility on the part of administrators, coupled with fairness to do things in a methodical way, makes them successful bosses. Hence one should try to avoid haughtiness and arrogance in life. Instead the virtue of humility needs to be cultivated, which raises one’s image in the eyes of fellow beings. A branch of tree laden with fruit is seen bending downward.

It can be inferred from the example that meaningful people are humble in life. They avoid pomp and show and do not believe in outward demonstration of foppishness and crude ostentatious. Men who are humble succeed in dealing with problems of life in a practical way.

Life demands patience and perseverance, which traits are often found missing in the lives of the haughty and the arrogant people. Hence one should avoid arrogance and proudness which do not suit the real temperament of life.

“The Virtues Of Humility”