Essay No. 100:

The Winds Are Always On The Side Of The Ablest Navigator: Navigators are always exposed to unfavourable winds in the sea. Sea winds blow furiously, and navigators with rich experience in the art of maritime, are able to face them courageously. Navigators have to tame the unfavourable winds to their advantage.


When navigators land into the sea, they face the blowing of winds, which can sometimes create problems for them. Navigators by virtue of their expertise are able to clear steer their ships/steamers out of turbulent waters and the unfavourable winds.


Man is at war with nature. He has greatly succeeded in gaining control over nature. It is through man’s intellect that nature has been subordinated. Nature defies man, but the latter through his brain has contained nature. Likewise, navigators who are at the mercy of unfavourable winds, have to pull through sea storms. Winds operate against navigators who through skilful handling have to manoeuvre to escape their impact. Winds thus tend to side the ablest navigators.


The sea of life is too, very rough to handle. It requires great courage on the part of man to escape the blowing of unfavourable winds. Man since the creation of the world has been subject to this tendency. The sea of life is highly turbulent. The ship of life tosses here and there in the stormy sea.

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Man has to wage a relentless struggle to deal with the storms accompanied by blowing of unfavourable winds. One can’t survive without fighting against unfavourable circumstances. Those who valiantly fight against adverse forces, ultimately succeed in subduing them. Life is a pack of adversities. Man through patience and fortitude has to grapple with adversities.


Those who possess this art, are able to overcome the unfavourable winds much to their advantage. There is no room for escapism in life. In the event of blowing of unfavourable winds, if one closes one’s eyes, then one can be carried away to unknown direction. Wisdom demands to face difficulties of life heroically, for if one fails to rise to the occasion, one is likely to be eroded by hostile forces.

“The Winds Are Always On The Side Of The Ablest Navigator”