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There Is A Tide In The Affairs Of Men

Essay No. 257:

There Is A Tide In The Affairs Of Men: In Shakespeare’s play ‘Julius Caesar’, Brutus highlights the importance of seizing an opportunity that comes in our way, in an epigrammatic manner. It is a different matter that he misapplies his wisdom to his own affairs.

What Shakespeare wants to convey to the reader is that tide, like the sea tide, arises in case of human affairs, and if the opportunities being opened are not availed of properly, than human beings remain in a state of permanent loss. When a rising tide of opportunities comes in the way of nations, they must catch hold of them and utilize the same to their advantage.

Lazy individuals / nations having no proper vision, cannot make the best of the opportunities that are thrown open to them by the favorable tide of time. Occurrence of tides is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes the tide is unfavorable, which should be faced courageously through the application of wisdom.

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It is test of man’s strength. If a man is wise and can perceive its different dimensions well, then he can wriggle himself out of it through a well-planned strategy. Man should not be cowed down by unfavorable tides in life. He should have the guts, stamina to face it.

Soon he will be out of the depressing phase to mark a beginning for hopefulness in his life. The favorable tides, if let go unattended to would put man to a situation of permanent disadvantage. The opportunities should not be missed that come in one’s way in life. Opportunities seldom knock at the door of man. If they are missed they are missed forever.

Wise men do not let opportunities slip out of their hands. Shakespeare thus brings home to the reader that affairs of men are not static. They undergo changes through time. The tide is bound to occur. It depends upon man, how far he manages to avail himself of favorable opportunities in life.

“There Is A Tide In The Affairs Of Men”

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