There Is No Great Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom (Short Essay)

Essay No. 337:

There Is No Great Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom: Knowledge and wisdom are two different things and cannot be regarded as synonymous. Knowledge is gained through the study of books. Which give information to man on different things. A wise person has own through out process, which is stimulated through observation and a strong sense of perception.

An illiterate person can possess wisdom, which is gift of God. Illiterate persons can have a rich measure of wisdom. I narrate a personal experience in this regard. I met an old cobbler at Jhang, who was illiterate. I went to him to get my shoes mended. He was already mending some shoes. After intermittent interval, he puffed smoke of ‘hooka’. I saw signs of needle pincers on his fingers.

I initiated him to talk on the issue. I said to him politely, “Baba jee, you must be feeling a great pain when the needle pricks into your fingers. “He suspended doing his work. He interposed “Baboo jee, you look to be quite educated. Who can deny pain. By the way, is pain not he basis of life?” that plunged me to a state of reflection. “What do you mean by saying pain to be the basis of life?  I have not been able to follow it”.

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The cobbler spoke out like a seasoned philosopher, “Baboo jee, a child is born after giving terrible birth pangs to his mother. The birth of a soul rests on pain. Isn’t it? Can you avoid pain? Human birth is followed by pain.” The cobbler talked like a sage, a philosopher. He indeed possessed wisdom in himself in a large measure, though he was totally illiterate. Wisdom is the gift of God, which can be given to anyone.

Ghalib, Shakespeare had not received any formal education in any university. They were brought up in the university of experience and observation. Both made an effective representation of human nature. Ghalib deals with human impulses in an artistic manner in his poetry and that imparts a tinge of university to the poetry. Shakespeare had not studied psychology though his dreams give a full glimpse of human psychology.

Artists are endowed with a rich sense of perception, through which they perceive things and ideas, which they project in their works of art. It must, however, be admitted that knowledge helps sharpening wisdom. Dr. Iqbal was a man of vision. His knowledge of the East and the accident place him in an advantageous position.

He was able to apply tools of modern knowledge to decipher realities. Knowledge thus proves instrumental to sharpen human sensibilities. That lends sustenance to perception and wisdom. The upshot of the discussion is that knowledge and wisdom are two separate entities.

“There Is No Great Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom”