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There Is No Virtue Like Necessity

Essay No. 245:

There Is No Virtue Like Necessity: The meaning of the proverb is that necessity is a great virtue, which unfold the creative potential of man to deal with difficult and tricky situations. Whenever man is confronted with a difficult situation that poses a threat to man, his creative faculties are unfolded to overcome it.

Man is blessed with brain, which when energized through contemplation, open up vast possibilities of progress and innovation. The story of material advancement in different fields of life is the result of accepting necessity as a virtue. The following verse of Iqbal throws light on necessity as a virtue:

تو شب آفریدی چراغ آفریدی

[You created the might and I discovered the lamp to overcome darkness]

A given challenge has always invoked a response on the part of man. In the past, deadly diseases were on the rampage that increased the incidence of human mortality. Man faced the challenge of deadly diseases. He succeeded through Research and Development in discovering antibiotics the use of which has gone a long way in overcoming diseases like Tuberculosis and a host of others.

Man has been accepting the challenges thrown to him by nature. Now he has fairly succeeded in overcoming the resistance of nature. In the past the ships could not face the fury of nature and many ship sank. It was a challenge to the ingenuity of man.

Over the time the ships were made in a manner as to withstand he onslaughts of the sea world. Now steel helmeted cargo ships carrying thousand tons of cargo sail in the sea and deliver goods from one part of the world to the other. They are capable of facing sea storms.

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This shows that necessity gives birth to inventions and discoveries. Necessity opens new vistas to progress. That is what history testifies to this observation. The word necessity in our national context has been used frequently to cover up sins of omission and commission of military and civil rulers.

In the event of military takeover, the courts justify it under the cover of doctrine of necessity. It acts as a negative lever to get the fruit of civil rule to the nations. That is how it gives a rude shock to the sapling of democracy, which is not allowed to grow in the country. The word necessity smells foul as far as Pakistan is concerned.

While necessity acts as a vehicle to propel forward the developed countries while in our case it acts as a retrogression force to rob us the benefit of rule of law. Hence if Pakistan is to provide the blessings of rule of law. It must bury the doctrine of necessity once and for all. Our courts must discard the pernicious doctrine.

Necessity should be guide to alleviate poverty and human sufferings. Necessity should force our rulers to adopt austerity as a national cult. It should force the rulers to give up profligacy to conserve national resources for the collective benefit of society. Let necessity cause acceleration instead of deceleration of Pakistan.

“There Is No Virtue Like Necessity”

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