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There’s Divinity That Shapes Our Ends

Essay No. 342:

There’s Divinity That Shapes Our Ends: According to the quotation, it is divinity whose influence is of significance in shaping human ends. It assigns a major role to destiny rather than human effort to achieve success in life. Divinity’s role cannot be disputed as far as human beings are concerned. Existence of externalities in man’s life cannot be ignored. The following verse of Main Muhammad Buksh, a Punjabi mystic poet, is relevant to be quoted in the present context:

مالی دا کم پانی دینا بھر بھر مشکاں پاوے

مالک دا کم پھل پھل لانا لاوے یا نہ لاوے

[The job of a gardener is to throw buckets of water to the plants to bear fruit, however, it is the discretion of the divinity whether to make plants bear fruit or not.]

The verse brings out the role of divinity in human affairs most succinctly. While the poet highlights the role of divinity in molding the human affairs, it however, does not negate the importance of human endeavour in life. A gardener must give water profusely to the plants, remove parasites around them to ensure their full growth.

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A gardener should not set idle and wait for the ‘Mano Salva’ to descend from the heaven, but should carry on his struggle as an agent to reap fruit of the plants. That means man should always strive hard against the adversities and make his way successfully through the thorny path of life. Man must bring his latent facilities into play to fight against the unfavorable circumstances of life.

If he follows this strategy, he can be assured success of his efforts. In other words, man makes or mars his own destiny. Man has since long been fighting against nature and finally has succeeded in terming nature to his advantage. Now he reigns supreme. In the past, the nature reigned supreme. The tables are now turned. Man has been able to bring wily nature under his control.

He remains the master of his destiny. Hence we should give up the fatalistic thinking that it is only destiny or fate which holds a great importance in the life of man. Man himself moulds his own destiny through the in life. Divinity beings to shed its benign influence when it finds man in the vanguard to forge struggle against adversities of life.

Hemingway’s Santiago fought ardentlessly single-handedly against the violent attack of sharks on the fish Marlin. But he could not save the fish from the attack of the sharks. The old man spared no pains in finding out a big fish, but the externalities could not help him to get the fish. The old man was not to blame for that. Externalities influence in human life cannot be ruled out.

“There’s Divinity That Shapes Our Ends”

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