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They Also Serve Who Only Stand Wait

Essay No. 265:

They Also Serve Who Only Stand Wait: Service does not mean only action or a practical activity. It is of various forms. It may imply silent obedience or tolerance of certain conditions. Thus those who silently bear the cruelties of time without protesting, in a way also serve a cause.

At the time of the establishment of Pakistan, the masses were assured of the blessings of social, economic, justice and rule of law. The later events revealed that the assumed things were not to happen in the lives of people. It led to the monopolization hold of the rich, elite classes over the national resources.

The wealth got concentrated in the hands of the rich classes and there was no steak of any improvement in the lives of the poor. The poor were exposed to cruel forces to bear the burden of the sins of the elite.

Since the time of independence, the poor people have silently been shedding tears over the apathy, indifference of the ruling classes of feudals, industrialists and bureaucrats and in a way are serving Pakistan.

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The poor people are the victims of hoarders and cartelists, who are terribly suffering from occasional shortages of essential commodities like the sugar, the wheat and a host of others. They are a prey to soaring prices of goods of daily use of account of the hostile activities of the aforesaid element.

They are silently putting up with the economic agonies which have made their life a hell. But they are serving the cause of Pakistan by standing silently to hope for better times. Hope is their sustainer. When the Rome is burning they are trying to extinguish the fire, while the rulers like Nero are playing upon their flute.

During September 1965 war, the people, especially the middle class, made supreme sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan. They have ever been cheerfully accepting the hardships and hostility of adversities for the continuance of independence. They are the real stakes of Pakistan. They should not be made to bear further cruelties of time.

“They Also Serve Who Only Stand Wait”

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