Essay No. 105:

They Never Fall Who Fall In Good Cause: The maxim tells us that those who lay down their lives for a good cause are ever remembered in human history. Their memory remains alive after their death. They are remembered in good terms. The succeeding generations do forget their good deeds.

A glowing tribute is paid to their memory. Distinguished personalities have done good works at particular times, enter into the fold of history permanently. One may say, they become part of the time and their names outshine on the horizon of time.

Mother Teressa spent the whole of her life in the company of leprosy-affected people. She served them whole-heatedly even putting her life to great peril. Who can forget the name of Florence Nightingale who rendered supreme services to the profession Nursing? Those who stand for serving fellow beings in one way or the other, earn prominence in life.

Aziz Shaheed Bhatty who fought valiantly against the enemy in war has earned undying fame. He has become immortal. Likewise, those lay down their lives for a good cause, leading to the service of humanity, are remembered forever. Their names shine like stars. They remain permanent on the firmament of time.

Dayal Singh created a Trust in pre-partition days which continues to function in Lahore. Dayal Singh College/Library are the educational institutions which are playing their role in spreading knowledge. The name of Dayal Singh will remain alive in the world.

A local philanthropist bears the total expenses of food in a Ward in Mayo Hospital, Lahore, without disclosing his name of identity. That is the spirit of Islam which it demands from believers. Those who serve humanity in different capacities are remembered and not forgotten by the coming generations.

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Only personalities with a plus, distinguished record enter into the fold of history. The axe of time does not fall on their glorious deeds. The latter shine with the passage of time. Hence if a man wishes to carve out a niche for himself in history. he must do some outstanding deeds in life.

The names of famous novelists, poets, playwrights, credited with a literary contribution, stand out prominently in the history time. Shakespeare, Shelley, Keats, Wordsworth, the poets belonging to the Romantic School of thought have left behind themselves a rich poetry/plays, which the coming generations would read with a great fondness in time to come.

Poets, novelists, short-story writers, playwrights are reverent personalities to be respected forever. The lovers of Urdu poetry read Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir and a host of Urdu poets and derive inspiration from it in their present-day complexities of life. Faiz Ahmad Fiaz, Nasir Kazmi, Ahmad Faraz from amongst the contemporary poets, have greatly inspired the living generations tremendously.

Fiaz Ahmad Fiaz emerges out as a poet of the suppressed, the downtrodden and combines classicism with modernism and produces the finest quality of poetry, which has got a great emotional appeal. The point to note is that the aforesaid categories of persons are a great benefactor of mankind. They live for a cause, die for a cause. Indeed they are great!

“They Never Fall Who Fall In Good Cause”