Essay No. 55:

Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can’t Teach: The quotation is a satire on education. Those who are able, join some other professions and make a name there. On the other hand, those who are incompetent mostly join the teaching profession. The quotation warrants a discussion to arrive at certain conclusion.


It is a fact that primary teachers in our country are the least knowledgeable. Mostly they have broken personalities and are incapable of inspiring children. They resort to corporal punishment which discourages children to continue education in primary schools. Matriculates with a teaching diploma, man primary schools.


On the other hand, least highly knowledgeable teachers, armed with the latest teaching skills, are found in lower middle schools. They fail to arouse interest in children and inculcate in them the spirit of enquiry. Thus the children do not develop the habit of reasoning and that can’t help sharpen their thinking power. Teachers at the primary level are an apology of a teacher.


It applies equally to the teachers of the secondary level. They do not try to promote their professional growth by reading the latest books, journals. The libraries are seldom visited by teachers. Those who have an abiding interest in education are impelled by the motive of reading and writing. Their number is very limited. The majority consults rotten notes in teaching and thus falls prey to fossilization.


The same applies to the college teachers who are also prey to the tendency of academic stagnation. Mostly stupor grips college teachers. It may be pointed out that a number of teachers in different disciplines are alive to the need of keeping themselves abreast of the latest changes through the study of books, journals etc. the majority is, however, subject to the influence of academic diminishing return.

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The university level of education’s profile, however, is fairly satisfactory. The university teachers have to produce research papers to aspire for promotion. The university teachers have to be in touch with the latest developments in their respective disciplines. Things are better in the field of university education. Certain teachers are known for plagiarism in research at the university level.


The quotation implies that competitive examinations suck up the talent and the residue goes to the education side. The young talented men try their luck in CSS / PMS competitive examinations. Those who are selected are considered as the intellectual cream of the society. The left-overs are left with no other choice except to join the teaching profession. It is a fact that CSS examination is accorded priority by young men with necessary qualifications.

“Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can’t Teach”

Some young men, irrespective of their aptitude, perforce join teaching department to earn their living. They mark time and move to higher ranks in a low vegetative manner. Those who are brilliant and competent in their respective fields, have to chance of being selected to higher ranks through competition. The over-all stagnation characterizing the education sector has to be overcome.


Besides, teachers must be given recognition in the society. At present, the society recognizes those who hold power and influence. This trend needs reversal. Talent and knowledge should be made the basis of recognition if Pakistan were to survive in the 21st century of hard competition.

“Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can’t Teach”