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Those Who Do Not Accept Regret Do Not Accept Life

Essay No. 220:

Those Who Do Not Accept Regret Do Not Accept Life: The maxim reveals a great wisdom on life. It contends that he does not regret his follies, wrong actions, as a matter of fact, does not accept the spirit of life. The maxim regards man a bundle of weakness.

A person who does a wrong to someone intentionally must feel a burden on his conscience. If he tenders apology for the excesses done to someone, he performs the act of regret, thereby relieving his conscience of a great strain. His conscience is cleared of the burden caused on account of harming someone, when he regrets about his bad conduct.

Man in ordinary course of life does not realize the excesses he does to his follow human beings. His conscience goes to sleep. However, when the sense of doing something bad dawns on it, and he feels a burden on his conscience, he then is motivated to offer a regret over it. By doing so, he elevates himself to a high moral platitude.

The greatness of a person lies in his offering an unconditional regret over his amoral behavior. Once a person comes to realize that he has been a cause of unpleasantness to someone and decides to seek apology for his offending behavior, he in fact accepts the spirit of life. Life demands hardheartedness form man.

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It is rightly said that if man were to recognize his shortcoming borne out of his irrational behavior resulting in the infliction of harm on someone, he would raise himself to the level of a deity. That selfdom happens in life. Man remains tied down to his whims, caprices, prejudices, and does not feel the compunction of regret.

The might, the influential, the powerful, do not feel inclined to regret about their oppressive behavior. The might to gain their personal vested interests can go to any extent to perpetrate tyranny on the weak. This applies to big powers which can break the spinal cord of the weak nations in order to promote to regret about that. Man is a strange creature, who mostly remains blind to his interests.

He does not bother to regret his excesses in life. This is applicable to the conduct of big nations in particular which don’t try to analyses their bad action towards the poor weak nations. Self-analysis on the part of an individual or a nation opens the way to regret to imbibe the real spirit of life. Those who follow the recipe, succeed in removing the bruises of their conscience.

Oscar Wilde, a great writer of the Victorian of age, was able to offer regret of the moral lapses he committed in life. By doing though ‘De Profundis’ reader comes to realize the greatness of the author, who boldly confesses the lapses he made in life. It requires courage of a high moral order to admit one’s shortcomings as man by nature stands mired in self-adoration. Regret is the gateway to accept in the real sense.

“Those Who Do Not Accept Regret Do Not Accept Life”

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