Three May Keep A Secret If Two Are Dead

Three May Keep A Secret If Two Are Dead

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Essay No. 114:

Three May Keep A Secret If Two Are Dead: The statement means that man by nature cannot keep a secret. If three dacoits commit a robbery, two should disappear from the scene of life to keep the secret pertaining to robbery. It is in the nature of man to talk about secrets. Secrets are disclosed because man does not have the capacity to digest them.

There is a Persian couplet that one should not disclose a secret even to one’s friend, because he further would pass it to his friend. In this way, a secret can become public talk. A man by nature wishes to know about secrets, for there must be something to talk about.

If two dacoits are eliminated from the scene, the third would be left with no other alternative except to keep the secret to himself. He would have no other person to talk about the dacoity. Men are of different kinds. Some are secretive by nature. They keep things to their hearts.

They are generally found to harbour ill-will and malice against others. They are not forgiving by nature. They are generally influenced by petty things. They suffer from pettiness. They do not have a large heart to put up with the vagaries of their fellow beings. They sting people maliciously at the ripe time.

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Such people are to be dreaded, who are weak on the face but ferocious at the back. One is advised to keep one’s card close to one’s heart. A good diplomat is not revealing his intentions. If a country’s intention of waging a war against another is disclosed, then counter war preparations are started.

Defence strategy of a country has to remain shrouded in secrecy. If it is leaked out, it goes against the interests of the concerned country. What it amounts to saying is that man by nature likes to reveal secrets and make much fun of them.

“Three May Keep A Secret If Two Are Dead”

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