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Time-Management Is The Keynote Of Success

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Time-Management Is The Keynote Of Success: Time-management is the technique to make the best use of time under given conditions to achieve certain objectives. In other words, the nations which learn the dynamics of time-management and practice it to the best of their ability succeed in achieving the fixed targets within the time schedule.

Every minute / second is utilized to achieve the laid down targets in differ fields. It however, calls for complete coordinate between different coordinating agencies. Centrally controlled economies under socialist regimes, adhere to time-management most rigidly, thereby pooling all human, technologies scientific, financial resources and putting them to their best possible use in order to realize the fixed targets.

A mega project like the construction of a dam receives every possible care and attention of the government to put the necessary input in proper proportion to ensure its completion by the target date. That is why planning under centrally controlled economies is comparatively perfect than under free enterprise economies.

The latter also plan projects and achieve the anticipated results. The idea is to ensure the optimal use of resources going to different projects by making use of the technique of time-management. Time-management technique enables individuals / nations to achieve their targets in different fields within the scheduled time.

Pakistan’s Second Five Year Plan was able to achieve all its targets. Targets in certain sectors were exceeded to than the original ones. This shows that if time is managed properly and put to its optimal use along with necessary ingredients, encouraging results can be achieved. It is the process of planning through which time-management is put into practice to achieve the fixed targets.

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Technically critical minimum path is laid down to realize the targets of a plan. Time-management thus holds a great importance in any field of planning. Nations which utilize the time-management art are the most successful one. The West has realized the importance of time. It regards it as investment. It invests time in all human and economic endeavors and reaps a reach harvest.

People are time conscious. In our case, time is burnt most unproductively. In our wedding ceremonies, functions do not start in time. The difference between the West and the East is that the former buys time, while the latter consumes time in unproductively pursuits. The sooner we learn the importance and value of time the better.

With the growing industrialization and urbanization the importance of the time is beginning to be realized. Time flows on without having a reverse gear. So if we are wise we must catch time by its forelock. Top of all, Allah takes a vow of time in Sura Al-Asar, showing therein its importance to believers.

Let us make the best use of our resources by deploying time-management technique in order to fight poverty and its attendant evils. That is the call of time. We must attend to it with all the seriousness at our command.

“Time-Management Is The Keynote Of Success”

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