Essay No. 273:

Tis Beauty That Doth Oft Make Women; Tis Virtue That Doth Make Them Most Admired: These lines means It’s usually beauty that makes women proud but God knows that your share of beauty is small. It’s usually virtue that makes women admired, but it’s the opposite of virtue that makes people stare at you.

Beauty is the most valuable assets of woman: A woman feels proud of her beauty. Man becomes a slave of the beauty of a woman. She can bridle man with the help of her beauty. A woman brings man to his knees on the basis of her sparkling beauty.

A woman on the whole is a great weakness of man, but a lady with a fascinating beauty can make man dance to her tune. Women possessing beauty shed an air of arrogance, and man being a slave of woman’s beauty, can go to any extent to carry out their wishes – genuine or otherwise.

Beauty of a woman enslaves man. Ordinary mortals dare not resist the temptation of beauty. However, this does not apply to saints, who go far above such temptations as they are the seekers of spiritual beauty. A woman who possesses inner beauty, borne of modesty, other human virtues, raises herself in the eyes of the social esteem.

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The real beauty does not fade away with the passage of time. It shines forever. Women with ordinary features but given to good deeds in life by way of serving their husbands with a sense of commitment, and raring up their children to make them useful citizens, doing other social obligations, and above all taking care of the poor segment of society, are the most beautiful.

It is their good actions which endears them to all. A beautiful woman, indulging in immoral activities, is the ugliest one. Hence facial beauty is not the criterion of real beauty. Women with purity of character that are respected in the society. It is the virtue of a woman lying in her character makes her the most beautiful in the eyes of all and sundry.

A woman thus commands respect on the basis of her qualities of a woman. Modesty in her real ornament. In the present day times, artificial glamour has a great attraction. People generally speaking, do not seen to be the purchaser of modesty and strength of character.

They run after glamour and outward sparkle and make a bad bargain. One should thus give higher weight-age to virtue than physical beauty of a woman.

“Tis Beauty That Doth Oft Make Women; Tis Virtue That Doth Make Them Most Admired”