Essay No. 163: 

To Be Clever Enough To Get All That Money, One Must Be Stupid Enough To Want It: The proposition implies that if someone clandestinely man-oeuvres to get money, he would feel happy about it. It is the weakness of man to get more and more of money in order to satisfy his ever increasing material desires. There is a scramble for money going on between different individuals.

People in the West wish to have an access to the most modern facilities of living. They thus are tempted to acquire more money resources. That is why the economies in the economically advanced countries, especially in the US and West Europe maintain the highest tempo of economic development. The economies generate the highest growth rate in order to keep the income per capita in a state of perpetual rise.

The problem of the developed countries is to keep their economies in a perpetual state of buoyancy. The ultimate objective is to provide more facilities in the form of comforts and ultra-modern conveniences of life to the people. Money is thus wanted to meet this end. That gives both to excessive materialism in the West.

The problem with underdeveloped countries is to alleviate poverty to provide improved human living standard, for which purpose they require increasing amount of money resources. Money emerges out as the greatest constraint in the underdeveloped countries. That is why they beg resources in the form of aid from the developed countries in order to finance the development program.

The educated well-to-do class wishes to acquire maximum money resources in order to meet our it most sophisticated desires. It thus sets in a sort of rat race for getting money. Fraudulent practices are resorted to in order towel one’s coffers with money. The greed of the people knows no limit. People demands more and more of money and are not satisfied with their lot. There is no limit to human avarice and greed.

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According to the proposition, ‘one must be stupid enough to want it’. People however, are stupid to want money, for which no limit can be set. Initially money should not be acquired through illegal develops over-love for money plunges oneself to moral degradation. Man does not realize the horrible consequences of his excessive craze for money.

Money should be wanted for meeting once material needs of life. And above all if one has surplus of money, a part of it may be earmarked to promote the welfare of the depraved, the resource less. Money is devil’s contrivance to detract man of the right path.

“To Be Clever Enough To Get All That Money, One Must Be Stupid Enough To Want It”