To Be Prepared For War Is One Of The Most Effective Means Of Preserving Peace. (Washington)

Essay No. 242: 

To Be Prepared For War Is One Of The Most Effective Means Of Preserving Peace. (Washington): It is a quotation of an American President which conveys a message to nations – big or small, that they should remain prepared to face unforeseen emergencies all the time. Preparedness is the solution to ward off any danger of war.

Hence every country must get ready to deal with any kind of emergency that may arise in future. Countries having big hostile neighbors laced with armament of every sort are required to be on their toes all the time to counter aggression, if foisted on them at any point of time.

The arming of big powers with nuclear weapons to a great extent has neutralized the possibility of the third world war. If one country possessed nuclear weapons and the others were without them, that would encourage the former to launch aggression against the dispossessed and that could imperil the world peace.

If Pakistan had not detonated nuclear bomb in 1998 in response to India’s that world have encouraged the latter to make the former a target of aggression by straight away attacking the Azad Kashmir. The successful detonation of atomic bomb by Pakistan went a long way to ensure her being safe from the aggression of India.

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Hence there is pragmatic thinking contained in the saying of Washington that to maintain peace it is necessary to be ready for making preparations for war, since aggression could be launched at any time against a weak nations. The strong the powerful can be tempted to make a weak country a target of its aggression whenever it suits the former.

The strong on a flimsy pretext can decide to bulldoze the weak. Hence the weak countries have constantly to be on their guard to avert any future danger by remaining in a state of preparedness. The poor third world countries need to divert their resources to development channels in order to fight poverty, hunger prevalent in them galore.

The social sectors, like education, health, housing need a special prop with a view to meeting the social needs of the people. One cannot dispute about it, but if sovereignty were to come at stake, then defense considerations would precede the development consideration. Hence the national sovereignty is to be guarded against all possible dangers.

The wisdom however, lies in resolving the disputes through dialogue. If this logic does not cut ice with the strong, then the weak has to mobilize all possible resources to keep the minimum deterrent to neutralize the aggressive designs of the stronger. No one can differ with Washington who advocates all preparedness at the time to counter aggression that might erupt at any time.

“To Be Prepared For War Is One Of The Most Effective Means Of Preserving Peace. (Washington)”