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To Rob Peter To Pay Paul

Essay No. 185:

To Rob Peter To Pay Paul: The maxim state to satisfy one by robbing another. One may plunder the rich and the booty so obtained may be distributed among the poor, the under-privileged to promote their welfare. It is akin to saying one person’s food is poison for the other. Many dacoits holding the welfare of the poor dear to their heart, indulge in anti-social activities, namely to plunder the rich and spend the plundered wealth on the welfare of the downtrodden.

Robin hood’s name reminds us how he looted the rich and distributed the looted booty among the poor, the crestfallen. The maxim cannot derive moral justification as it is immoral to rob the rich and their wealth, so acquired to be distributed among the poor, one should spend one’s own wealth, of course, acquired through legitimate means.

This act can elevate one in the eyes of Allah. This means that one should struggle hard to acquire wealth by adopting honest ways. To spend some part of that on meeting the basic needs of the poor is the noblest act in the eyes of Allah. Some people establish charity trusts out of their earned wealth for providing education to the poor boys/girls.

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The idea is to open up avenues to the poor, who bitten by poverty cannot get education. Instead of looting the well-to-do people and, spend the wealth so looted, one should better spend one’s own hard-earned resources on the welfare of the ailing section of humanity. It’s a good passion to serve the poor, but the means so adopted to plunder someone are morally, legally not justified.

An endeavor should be made honestly to create an egalitarian society based on Islamic justice, in which the basic needs of people are satisfied. When the Finance Minister requires huge funds for providing some relief to the poor, he imposes taxes on the affluent strata of society. That is way is like robbing Peter and paying Paul. The Finance Minister is justified is doing so, as it is incumbent upon him to promote the welfare of the poor class.

To Rob Peter To Pay Paul”

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