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Traffic Mess In Big Cities: Causes, Consequences And Remedies

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Traffic Mess In Big Cities: Causes, Consequences And Remedies: The traffic in big cities is in a state of mess. The word mess means confusion, disorder or muddle. This means that traffic in big cities is held for long hours on main roads. It take a long time for the muddled traffic to clear. Long rows and cars, Lorries, trucks, rickshaws are formed on both sides of roads.

Traffic gets jammed resulting in the inconvenience of the travelling passengers. It is a tantalizing sort of situation, as in the soarching heat of the sun; it is a problem to put up with the ordeal. People willy-nilly have to bear the agony. One of the causes of traffic mess is a great number of cars that run on the roads, especially during the peak hours in the morning and the evening.

There is a bourgeoning flow of vehicles on roads often leading to traffic disorders. The population of vehicles has increased tremendously which contributes more often than not to the occurrence of traffic jams. The roads in cities are not wide to enough to absorb the increasing flow of traffic.

Disorderliness in traffic is created whenever traffic rules are violated. The tendency to bypass the running vehicles often leads to unpleasant situations in the form of cessation of traffic, particularly at the busy crossings. In that event long row of vehicles is occasioned on roads. The rickshaws leave their own rows and mix in the others, thereby making the confusion worst confounded.

The traffic wardens on occasions appear helpless to ensure the normal flow of traffic. The consequences of traffic mess need a mention here. The ambulances carrying patients, needing immediate medical aid are help up till the mess is cleared. In certain cases the condition of patients grows critical. Some cardiac patients expire in the way because the emergency van cannot make its headway owing to the blockade of traffic.

Some persons have to attend offices at particular times and they are debarred form doing so. Important official business meetings are missed which in a way is a great loss to reckon with. The Lorries, wagons, rickshaws carrying some aged commuters, create problems for them, who cannot bear the inhospitable weather. The blazing sun in the summer makes their conditions pitiable.

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Top of all, it leads to waste of time which is harmful form the national point of view. Time is precious investment which needs to be saved and preserved if Pakistan were to progress industrially, technologically to seek improvement in the living condition of the poor people.

The remedy to traffic muddle lies in constructing a number of under passes, flyovers in order to ensure regular flow of traffic in big cities at different places. Another measure is to widen the roads as far as possible to absorb the increasing flow of traffic through proper planning.

The violators of traffic need to be punished severally irrespective of their high or low status. The law should hold in all cases. The traffic violators coming of elite classes of belonging to the VIP culture should not be allowed to go scot free. The traffic police should resist the temptation of illegal money offered to it by the violators.

If its emoluments were raised by the government like that of Motorway Police, it would minimize traffic violations. It is a problem impinging upon a number of disciplines. Careful planning is the answer to deal with the traffic problem.

“Traffic Mess In Big Cities: Causes, Consequences And Remedies”


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