Essay No. 77:

Truth Is Short Supply: The quotation holds a great reality today. Truth is seen to be evading whereas falsity and deceptively are thriving in the changing times. The culprit in short supply is the truth. The pursuit of progress has led the man away from the truth. Men are chasing material progress, for this they find short cuts to progress. For this, they compromise on truth and act slyly. Due to this, the moral fibre is lacking in man.


In our modern society, truthfulness and uprightness are out whereas crookedness and wickedness are on the rampage. Modern age demands a pragmatic approach to life. People by dint of their wickedness are progressing whereas people who stick to strict rules of morality are regressing. The latter undergo a losing bargain.


Both Bacon and Machiavelli were of the opinion that material progress is the real progress and nothing succeeds like success. Perhaps they were hedonists. Bacon said, “a mixture of a lie doth ever add pleasure”. Unfortunately, success today is dependent on diplomacy. Ironically, a person with a strong moral fibre seldom gains material progress. Today, sadly, truth does not promote material progress to a large extent for this progress-seekers find recluse in dishonesty. They rise to the highest ladder through sycophancy.


The Machiavellian ways are preventing us from being truthful, for he is of the opinion that truth alone is an obstacle and hindrance to great enterprises. Due to this truth is shrinking and deception augmenting. Unluckily deception and dishonesty are in vogue today.

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Institutions today don’t teach that honesty is the best policy. They rather emphasize progress whether achieved by hook or by crook. A man by nature practises untruth. The practice of untruth is not only found at the national level but also at the international level.


This is our sheer bad luck that we have desisted from telling the truth. This is not what the “Quran” says, nor that is what the Commandment of Moses (AS) says. This is the predicament of the modern man that untruth has eclipsed truth today. Hence our survival demands that we must ensure a surfeit of truth let untruth be in short supply.

“Truth Is Short Supply”