Essay No. 84:

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown: The maxim brings home to the reader that responsibilities bring tension in their wake. If a person shoulders higher responsibility, he has to face many headaches at a time. The manager in a firm has to keep his eye on the working of labour to ensure the optimum utilization of inputs for minimizing production costs. Sometimes labour threatens to go on strike and that can create a critical situation for the management. He has to negotiate with the leaders of labour to call off the strike and has to accept some demands of labour. The manager thus faces a lot of pressures, which can bring anxious moments to him.


The principal of a college has to ensure discipline and create a conducive atmosphere for learning. He is to keep his vigilant eye on teachers as well as students. He has to tighten certain teachers who do not meet classes regularly. Students sometimes can come up with awkward demands, which if accepted could loosen the grip of discipline. The principal has intelligently to manoeuvre things to wriggle himself out of the difficult situation. Being the head of the executive, he faces grave responsibilities which could push him to a lot of mental tension.


Crown is a symbol of authority. Those who wear a crown on their head are saddled with a number of responsibilities of serious nature. At the macro level, we may take the example of the Prime minister of the country. The Prime Minister being the head of the executive has to take a number of palatable, unpalatable decisions to promote national interests. Sometimes he has to engineer some changes in the foreign policy, which the people may not like.


He is sandwiched between the devil and the deep sea. The opposition may agitate over certain national issues to mobilize public opinion that may give a setback to the government and give tremors to the Prime Minister. In the event of any abnormal development in the neighbourhood or region, the position of the home country may become embarrassing. It is feared these days that America may not attack Iran’s atomic installations and if that happens that could plunge the country to great turmoil.


It may create adverse repercussions in the whole of the Middle East. The feared American attack is fraught with serious consequences. The Prime Minister of Pakistan may pass much sleepless night. Those who exercise authority often have to pass through anxious moments. Crown brings tension and worries along with it.

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In spite of the fact that authority clamps upon man pain and worry, yet he craves for it. He wishes to place a crown upon a crown on his head. He wants to be in apposition of authority. It is typically on his head. He wants to be in a position of authority. It is a typical characteristic of politicians-cum-rulers in Pakistan, who wish to cling to power under all conditions. Politicians mostly hail from feudal/industrial classes who contest elections every time.


The only privileged coming of the above-referred classes has the luxury of fighting elections. The underprivileged though talented and sincere, dare not enter the arena of politics. Politics is forbidden fruit for the poor classes. Power thus passes from one generation to the other belonging to the aforementioned classes. Politicians cannot live without power and authority.


By sticking to power they can serve their vested interests well, the upright God-fearing dread authority, because they consider themselves answerable for the wrongs done to the people, consciously on unconsciously. They do not have any fascination for power as it saddles them with onerous responsibilities. Hazrat Umar (May Allah pleased with him) remarked that if any hungry dog died on the banks of the Euphrates, he would be held responsible for that. Power is detested by the God-fearing and those who consider themselves answerable to the people under real democracy.

“Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown”