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Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Essay No. 247:

Variety Is The Spice Of Life: Variety undoubtedly is a source of fascination in human life. The nature presents variety in different forms. The world is populated with different races. Each race has its own peculiar characteristics. Every man differs from his others fellow begins in complexion, habits.  There is a wide range of variety that one comes across in the world.

It is said that each icicle has a different form from other icicles. In short, the world presents a variety in human as well as natural resources. If there were no variety, life would have been quite dull. The nature killed dullness by blessings the world with a rich variety. Man by nature likes variety. That is why a variety of consumer goods are produced to cater to consumer’s taste of variety.

One can’t count the colors and designs of different types of cloth available in market. It is on account of the human desire for variety that consumer goods are produced in different shapes and forms. The market is flood with a variety of consumer goods which aim at satisfying consumer’s propensity of variety.
One gets fed up with having one dish or vegetable all the time.

One likes variety in dishes. Even the poor who cannot afford to have a variety of dishes, alternate dishes daily to taste variety. Laborers who work on all machines all the time are fed up with daily mechanistic routine. They like to spend time off the company of machines to escape dullness and monotony. In the West, they are provided with lot of recreational facilities to overcome the boredom and drudgery.

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On holidays they go to parks to spend some time in the company of nature. They go to cinemas, theaters to ward off monotony. That is in pursuance of the human desire for variety. If laborers were all the time to wrestle with machines to the utter neglect of social recreational facilities, their life would become dull, shore of fascination or attraction.

Hence the society has to provide alternative sources of attraction to the working classes to neutralize the effects of boredom by being in the company of machines permanently. The labor in the Third World also needs some amount of recreational facilities to was off the effects of ennui.

Under democratic order, governments are changed after every five years. People opt for new faces, who after being elected could sever better the cause of the electorate. People wish to taste change in the governance of the state craft. This is due to their innate desire for variety. The significance of variety is summed up in the following Urdu verse:

گل ہائے ہائےرنگ سے ہے زینتِ چمن

The beauty of a garden comprises different flowers of different hues. Diverse types of flowers are a source of feast to human eye. In the human garden, there are some flowers without colors. It is poverty that makes them colorless. In certain cases, flowers wither away before attaining bloom. Hence poverty needs eradication for making the flowers bloom.

“Variety Is The Spice Of Life”

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