Essay No. 49:

War On Terror Implications For Pakistan And USA: For the USA in its War on Terror, Pakistan has become a frontline state from being considered a failed state prior to the event of 9/11. The desire to join the USA War on terror has led Pakistan towards grave consequences, these include economic, social, military and many more. No doubt there are serious and negative implications on Pakistan being a partner of US. The achievements are far less than the losses Pakistan has to face. Pakistan was dragged into the war on terror and now it has to face the consequences all by itself in multiple forms of military, extremism, terrorism, the burden in the economy, involvement of military, drone controversies, radicalization of society, the unpopularity of the government and above all a terrorized society. Pakistan itself has now become a victim of terrorism.

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Pak-Us relation is a tale of many twists and turns. Initially in the context of the Cold War and the need for allies and satellites in the region and since the onset of the ‘War On Terros’, as the frontline state in the fight against terrorism, Pakistan’s geo-strategic location has in various phases throughout the history brought this country into limelight of world politics and especially United States. On the other hand, Pakistan, as to achieve either its own economic, political and security requirements, has always been readily available to the United States resulting in alliances, pacts and strategic partnership amongst them.


Once again, due to its strategic location, Pakistan acquires immense importance for the USA, as its neighbour Afghanistan with a lengthy, porous border and both have deep historic, cultural, ethnic and religious ties.

“War On Terror Implications For Pakistan And USA”