Study2Compete Sundry Essays We Are All Inclined To Judge Ourselves By Our Ideals, Other Their Act

We Are All Inclined To Judge Ourselves By Our Ideals, Other Their Act

Essay No. 101:

We Are All Inclined To Judge Ourselves By Our Ideals Other Their Act: We have different ideals in life. Some have low, while others have high ideals. Life without ideals is hollow as ideals motivate individuals to strive for their realization. The high ideals demand a higher form of struggle and vice versa.

Men are inclined to judge themselves with reference to the ideals they cherish in life. Some people consider it a crime to have low ideals in life. The higher the ideas, the greater the range of human efforts to realize them. Low ideals involve a lower type of struggle.

There is a saying that if you aim at the moon you may actually strike at the steeple. Hence people like to have high ideals in life because they spur them to make a struggle to achieve them. If an ordinary graduate wishes to be a Minister, coming off a poor family, it is an unrealistic aspiration on his part.

The son of a poor man in our society can’t aspire like that because openings are available only to the sons of the feudal, the industrialist families, who have a monopolistic hold over national politics. He may aspire to appear in some competitive examination to better his prospects in life.

The point to note is that ideals must be realistic which are within the reach of realization. Only vain persons aspire for unattainable ideals in life.

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While it is normal to fix some kind of ideals in one’s life, it is not necessary to realize them on account of certain human imperfections and limitations. Other judge people on the basis of the achievement of their ideals. If a person who has the target of becoming a CSS officer fails to achieve it, he becomes a target of other’s ridicule.

The world is very cruel. It does not spare anyone. Sometimes criticism can go a long way in arousing dormant potential in people, which if utilized properly can contribute to the growth of their personality. Genuine criticism is healthy for human improvement. That is a great key to success in different kinds.

While concluding, it may be remarked that others judge people by their action, namely how they fight for the actualization of their ideas. If they succeed in achieving their ideals they are rated as heroes and act as role models for others. If they prove a failure in this regard, they hooted down. One is reminded of an Urdu verse, which fits within a given context. It runs as under:

ہم نہ ہوتے تو کسی اور کے جرجے ہوتے

خلقتِ شہر تو کہنے کو فسانے مانگے

(if we were not the target of criticism, then someone else could be, for the public wishes to coin fake stories to drum about the weaknesses of people.)

“We Are All Inclined To Judge Ourselves By Our Ideals, Other Their Act”

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