Essay No. 104:

What Fools These Mortals Be!: Man is mortal and possesses the characteristics of a mortal being. He has a limited span of life. Man is endowed with the quality of mind and perception. Man interprets his environments intelligently and takes leap forward in the discovery of things much to his advantage.

Man of life cave age faced nature’s hostility and protected himself from the calamities of nature in one form or the other. He was up against nature. He made use of his mind and reason and was able to protect himself against the elements of nature.

Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, man has been making rapid strides towards discoveries and inventions. He has revolutionized his life by creating a chain of material conveniences. His food is prepared by machines. His clothes are washed by machines.

His shoes are made by machines. His hair is cut by machines. In short, he has introduced machinery in all walks of life, which facilities his work. Machinery has, however, made man its slave. Man is said to even utilize his leisure in the maintenance of machinery. He has made himself a minion of machinery. Machinery reigns over man, though he is the inventor of machinery.

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The mortal fool probed into the secrets of outer space and has conquered the spatial space. The moon which used to be the dream of a man in the past now has yielded to his determination and it stands conquered. Man is out to conquer other spatial bodies as researches are going on in the economically developed countries in this behalf.

Man appears to subordinate Outerspace through his will but is not inclined to conquer his own bad instinct of domination over his weak fellow human beings. He is spending colossal amount of money on outer space research but is not willing to change the condition of his fellow beings by exterminating poverty from the tow third of the globe.

What is a mortal fool he is, who spends trillions of dollars for conquering outer space, but is not inclined to diminish the suffering of his fellow beings through the poverty-reduction programme? His fellow beings stand deformed but he does not mind their dehumanization. What a mortal fool he is!

“What Fools These Mortals Be!”