Essay No. 67:

What Is This Life? If Full Of Care We Have No Time To Stand And Stare?: It is couplet from an English poem, ‘Leisure’, which is a good commentary on the life of modern man, who has got no leisure to appreciate the beauty of nature. Man has become a part of a machine and has imbibed in himself machine’s quality of coldness.


Life is full of economic complexities. Man appears to have been lost in the web of those complexities. He runs after materialism and wants to colour his life with that. People in the Third World countries with an improvement in their living standard. They wish to amass wealth to achieve the objective. They are lost in the relentless struggle of earning wealth to acquire three Bs in life, namely, a bungalow a Buick, a bank balance.


They are in pursuit of three Bs to raise their standard of living. In the blind pursuit, they are least affected by the beauty of nature. According to them, money is the source of beauty. Money creates, however, dehumanizing influence on people, engaged in the race of earning wealth. Life in the West to revolves around materialism. The Westerners having attained a particular living level, do not wish to come below that under any condition.


Hence there is a fast race going on in Europe, which does not yield leisure to people to come in communion with nature. They do not fall in the lap of nature to imbibe its divine influence. They do not listen to the voice of Wordsworth, which invites them to enjoy nature and its beauty in order to forget the turmoils and complexities of life. They are engrossed in worldly pursuits to an extent as to neglect the beauty of nature.

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It was Hellen Keller (the blind) considered the seventh wonder of the world, once said “people with eyes are mostly blind. They pass through woods with a blind eye. They do not care to see the beauty of nature around themselves. They are blind to the appreciation of beauty”. Helen Keller’s views appear to be realistic. One should be involved in the struggle for existence in life but should steal some moments from one’s packed schedule, to relax oneself.


Sometimes it pays to visit a zoo to listen to the language of innocence spoken by the animals. Animals do not harbour grudge or ill-will against one another. Top of all, they do not believe in hoarding. Aloin after satisfying his hunger would leave the residue of flesh for other animals. It is a source of pleasure to see animals behaving in a carefree style. One can learn something from the animals.


Worries and anxieties ever haunt man. He cannot escape himself from their influence. He has to face anxieties boldly otherwise he would be run over by them. In that case, he would make himself a tool in the hands of anxiety creating forces of life. The man should better extricate himself from worries of life by being in the lap of nature. Nature offers a way to man to come out the blind alley.