Essay No. 180:

When Clouds Are Seen Wise Men Put On Their Cloaks: The maxim holds a great importance. Symbolically it means that when men sense any coming danger, they begin to fortify themselves to deal with the danger squarely well. They take precautionary measures to avert the coming danger.

The men dealing in stock and exchange business, their ripe experience in the trade, are able to escape the fall of the crash of the market by manipulating appropriate measures in anticipation of a fall in the value of their shares. Similarly, wise governments headed by ministers of perception are able to engineer timely fiscal and on the national horizon.

The experience of economic wizards enables them to foresee the ruinous effects of depression followed by the fear of unemployment and economy having a nose dive to touch the nadir end. Anticipatory changes in the fiscal and monetary domain, go a long way to combat the depression to keep economies off their ill effects.

A developing country like Pakistan has ever to be on its guard to initiate changes, to keep pace with the national and international swings in economic and political fields. A wise committed leadership could pull the country out of the precarious situation it could land itself in at any time.

Wise governments always remain on their toes to keep pace with the unpleasant changes that might occur at any time. Musharraf’s regime failed to anticipate the crisis in energy that could overtake Pakistan. It miserably failed to adopt timely measures to avert the impending energy crisis.

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When the crisis reached the threshold and overtake the nation, alarm bells were rung and people in the name of patriotism were asked to put up with the load-shedding phenomenon for long duration in the sweltering heat of the summer.

If the previous governments were wise, it would have taken the necessary measures to avert occurrence of a severe type of energy crisis. It is the vision of wise men that takes them far away from the present to anticipate coming changes in different fields of life. It is said that wise nations plan fifty years ahead of the present and are able to anticipate changes in the domain of demography and other related social and economic fields.

Poor nations with poor vision plan only for the present and that too, in an imperfect manner. The quotation in its barest form means that when wise men see dark clouds on the sky, they expect the occurrence of rain. They cover themselves with cloaks to escapes the effects of rainfall.

They take anticipatory measures to counter rainfall. This also means that when people visualize hard times, in future they adopt certain measures to deal with the newly emerging harsh realities. Wisdom lies in taking practical steps to counter the influence of unforeseen forces in coming times. Wise nation’s vision far transcends the present to grapple with the coming changes adequately.

“When Clouds Are Seen Wise Men Put On Their Cloaks”