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When Flatterers Get Together, The Devil Goes To Dinner

Essay No. 192:

When Flatterers Get Together, The Devil Goes To Dinner: They saying speaks of flatterers being the companions of the devil. Flatterers do the job of the devil, as they bring about the fall of the glittered through undue sycophancy. The victim’s virtues are unduly flattered, who fails to foresee the devilish designs of the flatterers.

They are the friends of themselves only. They are the friends of the festal hour. Where there is a get together of flatterers, the devil is damn happy, because flatterers close the vision of the flattered to view reality in its real perspective. Once a person gets away from the ground realities of life, he falls a victim to artificiality.

Flatterers thus sing hymns in praise of the glittered, and capture his psychology. He begins to see things through the glasses of the flatterers. That is how he loses his contact form the realities of life. That hastens his further decay and fall. Flatterers do the job of their ‘guru’ (the devil) who feels free to enjoy respite from his evil pursuits.

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That is a period of spell meant for the devil to feast himself. Likewise when the head of political party bound by specific concessions begins to run the affairs of his political organization in a manner inimical to national interests, the coterie including yesmen/flatterers, begin to woo him to gain certain personal mileage.

The job of the devil is meticulously done by the flatterers to create disorder in the country. The devil does not relish smoothness of things. He likes disorders to prevail. Once is reminded of Iqbal’s, Devils’ conference in which he reveals his agenda to wrought havoc and destruction in the world to materialize his ambition.

So the flatterers are the personified shadow of the devil. They provide moments of relaxation and relief to the devil, who is set free of his anxiety and worry and likes to take dinners.

“When Flatterers Get Together, The Devil Goes To Dinner”

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