Essay No. 23:

Wonders Of Science: Who is not familiar with the modern wonders? Someone can look around and see wonders everywhere. The twenty-first century is the age of science. Science has progressed by leaps and bounds. It has brought about many revolutions in the life of a man. Rather, science has changed the very life and living of a man. It has transformed the very face of the earth.

Science has bestowed upon humanity great and far-reaching inventions and discoveries. Moreover, it has blessed mankind with such instruments and contrivances as having earned the name of wonderful phenomenon for science. At present science is great source of comfort.

With the passage of time, science has made progress. It has done wonders. The wonders of science are too many to be enumerated but still, some wonders need mentioning. The entire growth and advancement of science is really a vast subject. But some of the wonders which science has provided to the human race are decidedly remarkable.

The journey is very important for man’s progress. In the field of transport and communication, the advancement of science is amazing. The names like electric trains, aero-planes and ships are well known to a layman. The gadgets which go by the name of rockets and sputniks, missiles and jets, have shortened the world because of their tremendous speed. In one day, we can visit many cities in the world. Distance and time have ceased to hold any barrier in this age of science and technology. The earth has shrunk because of this science.

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This is the age of atomic energy. Atomic energy is one of the most wonderful blessings of science. This energy not only promises to satisfy the immense needs of this energy-hunger civilization but can work miracles because it is many times more powerful than electricity. Atomic energy can run mills, factories and great industrial and technological establishments and atomic explosions can also be used for levelling mountains and digging canals. In short, it can help in every field.

Machines are being used in every field. Science has glorified machines. It has increased efficiency, though this has led to some unemployment and unsanitary conditions. The use of a tractor, agricultural instruments chemical and insecticides have increased the average output. By applying scientific methods in agriculture, the production of farms has multiplied.

In short, the wonders of science are countless. Science has taught us to swim like fish in water and fly like birds in the air. It has given man comforts and facilities like telephone, television, fans, air-conditioned building. In the field of science, the difference between summer and winter is negligible. Science can be used to eliminate poverty, to clean slums, to increase production in field as well as factories and for other constructive purposes. This all can be done with the help of the sciences. Sciences can really do wonders.