Essay No. 146:

Words Are Like Leaves And Where They Most Abound Much Fruit Of Sense Beneath Is Rarely Found: Words mostly reflects emptiness. Where words dominate, there is less of ideas. Some speakers are eloquent who seek refuge behind words. The abundance of words lacks mostly depth of ideas. Beneath the leaves of a tree, the fruit is seldom seen.

When a speaker begins to play with words, sound ideas begin to fall. Hence speakers who resort to rhetorics mostly indulge in clichés and do not preset ideas. Pleaders who argue a case unnecessarily long do not hand, pleaders who have more of ideas, are short of words. They briefly quote the relevant clauses of law instead of delivering lengthy speeches.

Quaid-e-Azam, as a pleader possessed this quality. He was less emotional but more practical. When he appeared before a court to argue a case, he was very pithy and to the point. He avoided using unnecessary words when he gave arguments in favour of or against the case. Good quality of a leader is that he should be short and brief and to the point instead of showing high flown words.

Leaves clothe trees, so words clothe ideas. However, one should be in search of high ideas and not run afterwords. Good research theses do not run in volumes. They are invariably short but highly meaningful. Novel ideas clothe theses, which make them distinct of their time.

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Seasoned diplomats consciously refrain from giving lengthy statements. They use the most appropriate words to avoid any ambiguity. Lengthy statements running in superfluity of words can create misunderstandings about the cause of their countries. Hence they keep their tongue under restraint to avoid misgivings of any kind. They are highly discreet in the use of words.

One should learn the art of making minimum use of words. One should hanker after ideas, which need to be clothed inappropriate words. One is reminded of an African tale which brings home to the reader how Kagawa — a talkative person, lost his life because of talking too much in life.

“Words Are Like Leaves And Where They Most Abound Much Fruit Of Sense Beneath Is Rarely Found”