Essay No. 141:

Would It Be True To Say That Most Unhappy People Have Often The Lease Cause For Being Unhappy?: Life brings unhappiness to people when they fail to resolve their problems. Problems – bigger or minor, agitate people and they are pushed to unhappiness. It is a fact when candidates pass through the CSS examination. In a position of distinction, it fills them with happiness.

Those who fail, are plunged to unhappiness. It is natural. The point is that success or failure makes people happy, unhappy. Some take failure very seriously and wear a gloomy, depressive look. Some of them become schizophrenic and lack will-power to face the hard realities of life. They relapse to a state of psychological defeatism, which means they get away from realities.

They become a victim of ‘shut-in-personality’ complex and lose vigour to deal with trying situations in life. Such kind of people are shorn of action, and that makes them abnormal. They begin to suffer from self-persecution mania. People a=of this kind, if treated psychologically, can become normal in life.

However, clinical facilities are not available in the right measure in Pakistan. There are some inborn ginger-bred cynics. They view every situation through the spectacles of pessimism. They are not satisfied with their lot. If all of their desires were gratified, even then they would be unhappy.

They develop pooh-pooh attitude in life and see things from a cynical viewpoint. People of this type are ever in a state of anger and unhappiness. To them, life is not to be enjoyed but to be lived, pulling its burden all the time. There are people who develop a realistic attitude in life. They launch a struggle to face the ugly realities of life.

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They take it for granted the piercing arrows of life. Instead of running away from the practical arena of life, they very much stay there to encounter the hard realities of life. They come across moments of unhappiness but do not lose the courage to wait for the happy moments to return.

Thomas hardy – the British novelist is known for his tragic vies on life. His famous novels run in the vein of tragedy. He thrusts a grim tragedy on the reader at the end of novels. He believes that the moments of happiness are short-lived in the painful, tragic drama of life. No doubt, life bleeds man with its cruel shafts, but the wounds get healed in the course of time.

Happiness/unhappiness reflects a particular state of the human mind. It has much to do with a human attitude all men pass through the milling process of life. No individual is an exception to the problems of life.

“Would It Be True To Say That Most Unhappy People Have Often The Lease Cause For Being Unhappy?”